back in the groove!

20 Oct 2014
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Well, not really, but I finally made some new cards! :D It's going to take me a while to catch up still, since I'm now almost four episodes behind, but this small card release will help a bit. ;)

Don't forget about the forum games!

member cards!
I made all the requested and blank member cards. Please pick them up from the member list! :D

If you've decided on the image for your member card, please PM me on the forum or comment here and I'll get it made for you! There is no form or special place to request a member card, sorry. I want people to talk to me so if you're shy... suck it up and send me a PM anyway. :p

Take FOUR cards, no more than ONE from a deck. Please COMMENT! :D

I am alive

06 Oct 2014
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Hi all! Just a quick note to say that I am indeed alive and I will be working on Crystalline soon. Sorry about the delay in adding new cards and getting the forum games updated. I've actually just closed Moonlight Legend (please check there if you're a member for the full details) and I will be using my ML time for Crystalline.

It's going to take some time to get everything fixed up, so thank you for waiting so patiently here. :)

I will edit this post as I update! There will be a new one for a major deck release, though. :D

You can pick up the round FOUR rewards for card chain & group collect here:
forum game rewards!

Please check the round four threads to see how many times you should take the reward. :3

new forum games!
Round five of card chain & group collect are up! I also updated the card swap - OMG you guys didn't tell me that I'd missed TWO rounds of card swap. AAAAAAAAA I feel so dumb. XD

small card update!
I added two new puzzle decks - Girls in White and Jeweled. Please take ONE card from EACH deck and comment. :D

forum game rewards!

10 Sep 2014
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Sorry for the late update here, I know I'm ten days past the reward date! I swear, once I finish playing Gakuen Heaven 2, I'll actually update on time again. :3 (Ask me about the greatness of GH2 if you want me to talk your ear off. Best VN ever.)

I'd like to remind everyone to take note of the stated ending date for forum activities. Please do not continue playing after the ending date, even if I'm taking forever to give out the rewards. It causes confusion and leads to things having to be undone after the fact.

That said, if you participated in the card chain after August 30, be sure to go and take back those cards. They were not counted as part of the chain, so they still belong to you.

You can pick up last round's rewards here:
forum game rewards!

Please check the round three threads to see how many times you should take the reward. :3

Round four of each game will be posted as soon as I finish writing THIS post. :D

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