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27 Jul 2014
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Hi all! Just a quick update with a few little bits. :D

You can play the weekly games again, since it's a new week. (Our weeks here will start on Sunday since that's the start of the week in RL for me.) Even if you're new or haven't played at all yet, everyone can play those weekly games a total of TWO times so far. I want everyone to have an equal number of cards (roughly) in the early stages of the TCG so everyone can enjoy trading and forum games.

By the way, be sure to check out those forum games if you haven't already! The rewards are based on the total amount of participation, so everything you add leads to better goodies for everyone. :D

member cards!
All member cards have been made - check the member list to pick them up. If you don't have an image yet, remember that you can still trade your "blank" card with other members.

If I didn't make your card, I may have missed your comment. Please send me a PM on the forum with your image and I'll get it done ASAP.

July birthday?
Be sure to check the bottom of the member list to get your birthday presents if you haven't already! July is almost over, so don't forget. :p

Okay, that's all for today. XD

join join join!

22 Jul 2014
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Okay! I finally feel like we have enough decks that there won't be tons of doubles floating around, so feel free to join whenever you like! :D

You can start playing games immediately after you join. You don't have to wait until you officially appear on the member list. Be sure to join the forum with the same username... assuming you're not a stalker from ML. :p

bug reports?
If you find any errors, please comment on this post to let me know. I think I've tested all the forms and stuff like that, but it's possible that I missed something! Just tell me if something is borked. XD

member cards?
I'm not including a member card field on the join form just yet... since SMC is so new, the images available for member cards are pretty limited. I'll make everyone a blank/pending type member card for the member list. (Yes, you can trade them!) When you find an image you like, you can PM me on the forum or comment on the latest news to let me know what you want!

forum games!
Forum games have started, check the games list for links and details. I'm asking the members to manage the forum games on their own, so feel free to ask any questions. Of course, I'm still giving the all important prizes at the end! :D

more cards?
If you want to suggest more decks from episodes 1 & 2, feel free. Just be aware that a bunch of suggested scenes have been too short to make a 20 card deck. So... yeah. XD

hello world :D

07 Jul 2014
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Please don't join yet! I need to make more cards first. :3

Well, yeah! That's pretty much the only thing I have left now. :D I just need to finish with episode one and that will be enough for us to get started. Should be within a couple of days. :3


July 14 edit!

Okay, I made a bunch of cards but I feel like I don't have enough from episode one. Stalkers, please comment and let me know which scenes you'd like to see added as decks! I'm getting a little derped out from staring at this video all day. XD

And yes, I KNOW some of the scenes are a real stretch, but sometimes it's hard to fill 20 cards when you have a short scene. Now you know why I cheated and made ML's decks only 15 cards each. :p

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