Like all great things (ha ha), this site couldn't exist without the contributions, materials, and ideas of others. :)

borrowed ideas

Game or Idea Credit to
entire TCG concept Calico Senshi Card Mania
use of password gates Mousey Animelicious
puzzle game Bunny Manga Moon Cards
lucky match, war Sepia Delish
currency/coupons Superdoe The Last Unicorn

image sources

Description Credit to
mini Sailor Moon doll/sprite Ai no Senshi
some promo images/scans Miss Dream
most screenshots captured by me, Rahenna!

original ideas

I've dreamed up a lot of different things since I started running TCGs in January 2005. I know it seems like no one actually invented the basic things that are used in almost every TCG today, like using databases for members/games/cards, and card names displaying below the images of cards when you win games. Believe it or not, those things didn't always exist!

I'm proud to have played a major role in the modernization of the online TCG. Trading Academy was the first TCG I owned and the one that inspired me to think of ways to make TCGing easier for both owners AND players. :D Now all those fun bits have been applied to Crystalline too!

Note: It's quite possible that other TCG owners started doing similar things around the same time. I wholeheartedly believe that it's very possible (and likely) for multiple people to have the same good idea independently of each other. I just want to say that I was one of them, and to this day, I still use the custom, flexible systems and scripts that Marfisa and I created together, NOT any of the standard prepackaged TCG systems that exist.

All scripts were created in PHP by Marfisa, and many are available for download at In the Cards. Ideas were dreamed up by Rahenna.

- the entire mini TCG concept
- automatic starter pack when filling out join form
- automatic level up & mastery rewards
- easy updater for trade log & card collection
- database-driven member list
- database-driven game update system
- database-driven card system
- automated slots, war, and lottery games