game center

There's a variety of games here, so you can choose your level of participation. :3 Both sets of weekly games update automatically, so you can play them once per calendar week. Check the other types of games to see when they update and play the new rounds when they're available. :D

weekly ~ games of skill, etc

You're guaranteed to get consistent rewards if you play and win these! And yeah, slots goes here because you get the same prize no matter what. I guess it's a game of stubbornness. :p

The puzzle image is random, so if you get one you've already assembled, just reload to grab another one.
Puzzle images are manga art for now. They will be replaced with SMCrystal art as it becomes available.

Game Description
Puzzle rearrange the broken pieces
Jigsaw drag, rotate, and drop puzzle pieces
Slots match three & win
Memory match the cards
Hangman guess the word before it's too late
Guess guess Usagi's grade! :p
Freebies everyone's favorite :D

weekly ~ games of chance

There's some chance involved in playing these... you may not always get the best prize! Don't get discouraged, just try again the next week and see how you do!

Game Description
War beat the randomizer in a game of chance
Pick(pocket) a Boy the Shitennou have been naughty - take their stuff!
Wheel of Luck spin that wheel
Lucky Match got these, get more

biweekly(ish) ~ forum activities

In addition to the weekly games, there are some fun forum activities to participate in, which will allow you to interact more with other players. :) These games are completely optional (well, I guess all TCG games are!), but you will miss out on extra cards if you choose not to participate.

Note that these may not update exactly on time. Check here or on the forum to be sure. :3

Game Description dates
Card Chain how long can the chain get? Oct 5-24
Group Collect cooperate to finish a set Oct 5-24
Card Swap get rid of unwanted cards Oct 5-24
Rewards! pick up rewards for forum games! Oct 5

randomly updated ~ various games

Oh, yeah, I want to make some other random games too. :D The thing about these is that while they update kind of randomly, all the older rounds of each game will always be available! So if you happen to miss one, or join later on, you can still play them all!

Game Rounds Description updated
Word Scramble 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 unscramble the words, find the secret! July 22
Fallen Phrases 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 use logic to decode this quote! July 22