If you have coupons, leveled up, or mastered a deck, here's where to get your goodies. :3 Everything is automated, so just fill in the appropriate form to get your goodies right away!

forms & such

Link Description
Master finished a deck? get rewarded!
Level Up collected a lot? move to the next level!
Stamp Cards are you a trade master? collect your prizes!
Badges grab a level badge here :3
Contact if it's not covered above, use this form instead :p

coupon exchange

Simply fill in this form to receive choice cards for your coupons. :3

 List your choice cards here, separated by commas.
Example: moonprism101, trailer101, crystalpromo03

doubles exchange

If you have doubles, swap them out for new cards here. Of course, only take as many doubles as you have, not the entire chunk of stuff. :p Reload if you need more!

doubles exchange: akuryoutaisan14, embarrassingbusride09, jeweled18, jupiterthunderbolt03, mysteriouskitty12, newtiara03, overtheedge01